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Flicker Room
Flicker Room
3-Channel Video Projection, 3-Channel Audio
dimensions variable

Installation shot from Static Bustle, MFA Thesis Exhibition.

Patterns of interference and binaural beats are examined through immersive video installation. A three-channel video projection synced with three-channel audio explores chance occurrences of flickering image and sound. Set in a darkened room, audio and video pulse together according to set increments. Each wall-sized projection contains fixed intervals of flashing and static imagery. The length of interval and frequency of strobing varies among each video, as well as the tonal frequency of audio accompanying each projection is comparably different by a small margin of Hertz. The total duration of each video/soundtrack before it loops is also varied. Together the aural videos, looped independently of one another and played back simultaneously, create an environment of perceived chance, randomness, and order that emerges organically in viewing the installation. As the strobing intervals of each sonic projection interlace and intersect one another, moments of synchronicity and binaural activity ensue. The overall effect can be jolting, nauseating, or entrancing depending on the viewer.