• My current artistic investigation mines an interest in perceptual phenomena and the limits of sensory experience. To what extent do static images appear to move? When does repetitive action become hypnotic or overbearing? What parallels exist between visual art and sound? How do analog and digital processes mimic one another?

    Experimentation and crossbreeding of media is important in my practice for both arriving at new possibilities as well as creating tangible links between separate bodies of work. Each artwork goes through multiple stages of development and reconfiguring to arrive at an unforeseen outcome that is rich with complexity. Materials and processes in my work include:

    relief printing, screen printing, laser cutting, razor cutting, collage,
    weaving, digital imaging, digital output, video, projection, sound,
    maxMSP, processing, smartphone apps,
    LED lighting, acrylic board, acrylic ink, oil based ink,
    paper, wood, thread

    I view my artworks as crystallized moments in my personal search for beauty. I hope to offer this excitement of discovery to the viewer of my work.